Relocating and need to sell quickly? 

We Buy Property Sell or Rent

Relocating, whether it’s within the UK or emigrating to another country can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. One of the most important things to do is decide whether to sell or rent out your home, depending on whether you need the equity in the property to secure accommodation at your new location.

If making a permanent relocation, then most people decide to sell. However, the perils of selling can sometimes cause additional stress. As you will probably know, the property market can be very fickle, and there are so many factors which can prevent a property selling or completing. There are some properties which lack curb appeal or fail to spark immediate buyer interest, then there are those which receive and accept an offer quickly but later find issues with the survey, or the buyers’ mortgage, for example.

The unpredictability of the process can make moving under pressing time constraints even more stressful.  Some people opt to use a service like WeBuyProperty which enables them to sell their property quickly for cash and complete within a given timeframe, preventing them from having to delay their plans.

We have purchased properties from people who:

  • Want to retire abroad
  • Need to relocate in a quick timeframe for a new job
  • Don’t want the hassle of managing a rental property from abroad
  • Don’t have time to wait the average 20 weeks to complete a sale through an estate agent
  • Cannot risk their house sale falling through as their relation depends on the equity

We are members of the National Association of Property Buyers and the UK’s largest redress scheme, The Property Ombudsman, meaning you can use our quick-sale service with confidence.  We provide a guaranteed quick sale and can transact within a matter of weeks or a timeframe to suit our clients’ requirements.
If you are relocating and would like to discuss the option of selling your property quickly, feel free to make a no-obligation enquiry about our services.

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