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Our Process

We Buy Property offers the best possible price for your home without the worry of viewings, chains and long timelines. No need to worry about your position or the condition of the property, we will buy it for cash.

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with three simple steps


Receive cash offer

Receive a cash offer by filling in an enquiry form or calling us on 0207 938 3007. We aim to make a cash offer within 24 hours.


Agree to our offer

When you have agreed the initial offer we will handle the rest, including solicitor fees, valuations and legal checks and get back to you with a final offer.



Once the final offer is accepted, we will agree a completion date to suit you. The sale will be complete and you receive the funds.

That’s how simple it is to sell your property quickly to us with no fuss, no hassle, and no stress.

So you know, if a survey shows any serious problems that have might an adverse effect on the value of your property, our initial offer may be amended, but please don’t worry. We’ll work with you to make sure you are happy with our final offer. Click here to view our full terms and conditions.

Who we can help

· Those suffering financial difficulties

· People in or planning their retirement

· Loved ones with an inherited property to sell

· Those at risk of repossession

· Individuals or families relocating or
planning a move abroad

· Former couples going through a separation or divorce

· Those with a fire-damaged property not covered by insurance

· Landlords dealing with tenancy issues

· Landowners with or without planning permission

· ‘Sale and lease-back’ applicants – we’ll buy your property and you become our tenant


Why we can complete so quickly:

We don’t care about Brexit, interest rates or who can give us the biggest mortgage because we already have the cash in our bank account to pay for your property in full right now.

That’s how we’re able move to completion and release the funds to you within weeks and happily send you on your way to your next property or big adventure.

So let us take the unnecessary worry out of your hands. You can get started now with a no-obligation cash offer, by entering your postcode below, or if you prefer to talk to a living, breathing human, call us for a friendly chat on 0207 938 3007. We’re open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

FAQ’S – Let us help you

How quickly can I sell my house?

We can complete as quickly or as slowly as you like. As soon as we’ve agreed a price for your property, we’ll get working on the rest, with the sale time for our customers averaging around two weeks. We can even complete the process in as little as seven days.

My property isn’t in the best condition, is this OK?

Of course. We’ll buy your property whatever the condition. All we ask is that you let us know of anything that might affect the value, such as Japanese Knotweed, subsidence, or building and renovation completed without the necessary planning permission. 

Don’t worry, this sort of information won’t put us off, it’ll simply help us give you the most accurate valuation for your home so we’re both on the same page from the very start.

I have a tenant in my property. Are you still interested?

Yes. We manage a portfolio of over 100 properties across the UK at any one time and will happily honour the agreement you have in place with your current tenant.

How much will you offer me?

Depending on the condition of your property, we will pay up to 90 per cent of the current market value, with the average We Buy Property cash offer falling between 80-90 per cent. 

Do I have to pay you any fees?

Never. All of your fees will be covered by us, including solicitors (if you use ours) and the surveyor. We’ll even save you money as you won’t have to give a percentage of your final sale price to an estate agent. Result!

When will I receive my money?

On completion – a date we’ll agree to suit you.

I have a poor credit rating, will you still buy my property?

Yes! Your credit rating has no bearing on our ability or desire to help you.

Will I have to move out quickly?

You can move out in days, weeks or months – whatever suits you best. We won’t rush you out of the door and can set a completion date to suit your individual requirements and circumstances.

What if I’m currently at risk of repossession?

No problem. We have a team of solicitors on hand to help you deal with it all. 

We buy property
for a no obligation cash offer