Noisy Neighbour Nightmares – Is it time to move?

Having spent so much more time at home over the last 18 months, many people, who in the past rarely heard or had much to do with their neighbours, are suddenly more aware of their presence, irritating habits and noise!

Churchill Home Insurance revealed there has been a 28 per cent increase in noise complaints over the past year with around 1,000 cases forwarded to councils across the country every day.

The increase in the number of people getting dogs whilst at home has likely contributed to the issue, with many now returning to work and leaving their previously pampered pooches barking all day.

Being unable to socialise as much in public settings and spending more time in the garden has also led to a surge of people installing garden bars, hot-tubs and social seating areas, leading to more garden parties and ultimately more noise for neighbours.

For most people, these will be minor irritations which can most likely be resolved.  But here are some simple steps to follow if you have a nightmare neighbour:-

1) Remain calm. It is important to approach any situation in a reasonable manner.  Pop over and explain the impact their noise or change in behaviour is having on you, as they may not even realise. Remember, they have a right to enjoy their own home too, so ensure what you are asking is reasonable.

2) Consider your own behaviour. If you complain to them on a regular basis, it is important they cannot bring up any similar arguments against you in response, so consider if your behaviour and use of outdoor space has also changed before you criticise them. Keep your own household noise levels to a minimum.

3) Keep records. If your neighbours are not listening to your concerns, document the times and ways they are being disruptive. It is important in case you need to complain to your local authority.

4) Consider soundproofing. Simple sound-proofing can often make a bad situation more bearable. From using rugs, carpets and soft furnishings to absorb sound to installing specialist tiles in ceilings and party walls, there are lots of affordable options available.

5) Never retaliate. Never let frustration get the better of you. It may feel as though the only way to solve the issue is to retaliate and be disruptive yourself. But this is only going to escalate the issue and will count against you further down the line.

6) Contact your local authority. If you cannot resolve a situation yourself, make a complaint to your local authority first and follow the steps they advise.

7) Seek legal help. If this does not work, seek legal help.

8) Consider a move. Whilst a situation with neighbours should never have to force someone out of their home, for some people who have already been thinking about it, a change may just be the best solution.

If you have difficult neighbours or perhaps have become increasingly frustrated with where you live since the pandemic (more cars parked outside your house with people home working, more dogs barking in gardens, your property no longer suits your lifestyle), then WeBuyProperty can offer no-obligation valuation to buy your home for cash and transact in a matter of weeks.


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