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Due to the new eviction ban that has now been extended, millions of people have been affected. Currently, there are eight million renters in the UK, of whom 4.5 million have private landlords, while the remainder rent from social landlords such as councils and housing associations. Thousands of landlords have now become trapped, but there is a way out. 
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What Challenges Do Landlords Now Face With The Eviction Ban Being Extended?

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Due to the ministers extending the current ban on eviction until March 2021 it leaves a lot of landlords now in a very difficult position. Courts were due to resume cases on Monday after a long pause of 5 months due to the Covid 19 outbreak. 
Landlords will have to provide six months notice if they plan to evict their current tenants. These actions by the government have left Landlords angered and frustrated. Before the country faced a world wide pandemic the given notice from a Landlord to a tenant on eviction was two months. 
“according to independent research, 87% of tenants have continued to pay full rent since the start of the pandemic, with a further 8% agreeing reduced fees with their landlords.”
A survey which has been carried out by a homelessness charity shelter recently showed that thousands of private tenants had been threatened with eviction by their landlord or letting agents and thousands of them in England have fallen into arrears since the pandemic.
The extended ban comes as the government did not want the ban lifted until they could provide a plan to prevent people losing their homes due to Covid 19. 
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What Rights Do Landlords Now Have?
Landlords have been left with little to no power after the unacceptable plot twist from the government. They have no legal rights to deal difficult tenants that are not related or impacted by the results of Covid 19. 
Landlords have now no way to evict tenants that are abusive, disruptive or cause problems to the remaining household tenants or neighbours.
Landlords face months of unpaid rent and court cases in the coming future due to the extended eviction. This means landlords will be at a loss.
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