Relocating and need to move quickly?

Many organisations have used the pandemic to make some big changes, not only to the way they work, but also to the location from which they operate. Whilst more and more people can work from home, some businesses have closed offices and reorganised their teams, whilst others have seen huge growth and are going through a recruitment drive.

The result is that some people have made the decision to relocate. It could be that they have been offered a new job opportunity so need to move or are sticking with their current company but, because they no longer need to be in close proximity to a particular office, can work from anywhere in the world. In some cases, organisations have closed certain satellite offices and now want to operate out of one office which is not in this country.

Whatever the reason, when relocating to another country, one of the biggest things to get sorted, if you are homeowner, is your house… and timing should be your number one priority.

Relocating involves tight deadlines and good time management so make sure you factor in travel rules, visas, possible start dates and access to accommodation on arrival at your new home

Given the sudden surge in home moving over the last 18 months, the process of selling a property is taking longer than ever. It is not always straightforward, particularly when there is a number of people in the chain and you are relying on several buyers and third parties to complete the sale.

If speed is important to you, selling on the open market may not be the right choice for you – it can be notoriously unreliable as offers can fall through and sales can break down at any stage. If you haven’t completed on the sale by the time you need to have moved, it could leave you flying back and forth to finalise the sale.

Another option is to consider a property buying service like WeBuyProperty which can allow you to sell your property and release funds easily and efficiently, enabling you to move in a matter of weeks.

Using a service like ours can mean you avoid on missing out on your ideal property at your new location and we can work to the timeframes which best suit you. If you give us a date you must have completed by, we will work with you to ensure that happens.

For your peace of mind, we are also members from the National Association of Property Buyers and The Property Ombudsman.

We encourage you to contact us with any enquiry, no matter how small, and if you are considering a number of different options, such as renting, selling on the open market or a buying service like ours, feel free to do your own research and get valuations first so we can assist in giving you the best guidance for your circumstances. If we don’t think that’s with us, we will tell you.

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